The Dominican Republic is a magnificent tourism destination in the Caribbean. Many holidays begin in the capital of Santo Domingo and its Colonial Zone to welcome the visitor with a historical flair. But what about life in Santo Domingo? What are good reasons to live there? Why leaving the city again? How is life in Santo Domingo for an expat?

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Read in this article, what life in the oldest city on the American continent really means for a foreigner. And if you should consider to move to Santo Domingo or to rather look for a different city.

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I think, that it’s a good moment to analyze Santo Domingo as a valuable residence destination for expats and foreigners. Whether you are looking for pros and cons to live in Santo Domingo, you will find them in this article. I have been living in Santo Domingo for one year now and I think, that I could obtain some valuable insider knowledge from the perspective of an expat. And I am gladly sharing them with you!

It’s the third chapter of this category. All episodes are 100% authentically written and I lived in these cities long enough to be able to describe what it’s about. I was earlier already writing about…

I also lived in these two cities and was able to give insights about the life in the capitals of Peru and Ecuador. The same I want to do now for the Dominican Republic.

The reasons I mention don’t come from researching other websites. I am creating the content of my own experiences and all photos I share are my own copyright. You won’t find this content elsewhere. It’s nothing less than made by own observations and opinions about what’s good and bad about Santo Domingo.

I was quite surprised, that so far no other expat blogger treated this topic on whether living or not living in Santo Domingo in a thorough manner. It’s a quite big and international city and many expats lived here.

Plaza Maria de Toledo in the Colonial Zone

But I couldn’t find any comparable article by giving this information from the inside to interested readers who look for this kind of expat information. I hope, that I’ll fulfill your purpose and deliver some valuable insights from the life in the capital of the DR.

Alright then, hope you enjoy my article and will find what you were (re)searching for!

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