Reason 2 to live in Santo Domingo: Easy air access to other (Caribbean) countries

Looks at first glance as a weird reason. But living in Santo Domingo opens up easy and cheap access to many other countries. Santo Domingo is considered as an important air hub on the American continent. It has two different international airports.

And they are connecting the biggest country of the Caribbean with many other countries. Of course. Because people from these are countries are planning their vacations in the Dominican Republic. That’s why you could make use of that once you will live there. There are many direct flights to close the Caribbean islands.

Take a look at the following screenshot and check the direct flight connections from the SDQ airport:

Santo Domingo offers direct flights to many other countries

The Dominican Republic is not only a famous country for vacations, it also serves as an international air hub to reach minor airports in the Caribbean. Flights are pretty cheap and you can make use of short distances and flight hours.

And who hasn’t enough from visiting the closer destinations of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, etc. can fly for example for approximately $150 to New York. Round trip of course!

There is a lot to discover on the Dominican Republic. But other Caribbean islands seduce as well with the easy access from the biggest island of the Caribbean. If you ever decide to live in the Dominican Republic and need holidays, consider one of these many interesting neighboring islands.

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