Reason 3 to live in Santo Domingo: Steady weather conditions

Alright then. Caribbean. Sunshine. Mild temperatures. Your guesses are pretty good and won’t be disappointed. The chance to freeze in Santo Domingo is quite low.

Average temperature in Santo Domingo in Celsius

Temperatures in the Dominican capital are steadily mild throughout the year. Freezing might be impossible and real season with differences in temperature don’t really exist here. Warm winds from the Caribbean Sea stream towards the city and heat the city up.

But hey: Steady warm weather conditions without a ‘real winter season’ doesn’t mean, that you are in Santo Domingo free of rain. In fact, rain is a pretty big topic in the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic.

Beware of the rainy season, though. Although Caribbean rainfalls can come up heavy and unexpected, they only tend to last for a couple of minutes. If you live in Santo Domingo, you can expect loads of them in an unpredictable manner.

Average rainfall in Santo Domingo

A funny side fact is, that Dominican people are better prepared as me and many other foreigners. Maybe it’s because we don’t expect and associate a sunny country with these heavy rainfalls. But Dominican citizens in Santo Domingo are very well equipped with umbrellas. Whilst I am soaking wet because of the rain, they put up the umbrella to be better protected than I am.

To protect their straightened hairs, many Dominicans carry ALWAYS umbrellas with them

Maybe the Dominican people are very careful and protective because of their hair. Especially Dominican women tend to spend much time and money in the salon to straighten their hairs. Contact with rain makes their sensitive hair curly again.

These rainfalls come like a heavy shower over the city. But they don’t last for long. After a couple of minutes, they are gone again.

No umbrella – No problem!

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