Reason 5 to live in Santo Domingo: (Delivery) Services

Thank you, dear Dominicans – Your laziness has opened up many new markets and jobs!

Dominicans tend to be…how should I express it best…not the most active, diligent, and eager people. It’s very convenient if someone else does something for you.

When industrialized nations try to lower their labor costs, you as a customer have to exert certain processes yourself. Outsourcing of service processes and shifting the responsibility to the customer makes you pay slightly less. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised that someone is doing so much for me what I usually do myself. Regular customs in the Western culture of Central Europe and Northern America are maybe more the DIY-method in restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.

As a cultural aspect, the customer is really the king in the Dominican Republic and should not worry about anything during the visit. Compared to many 1st world countries, the Dominican Republic regards the service sector as more important and creates more jobs. Some of the following things, I wasn’t used to from other countries:

A Piña Colada for me – With great service!

  • General / everywhere
    • almost everywhere someone opens up the door…
    • …and greets you
    • parking aid (well, due to poor driving/parking behavior I guess)
    • traffic warden for your parked car
  • In supermarkets
    • someone packs your shopping bag at the cash zone
    • will be carried additionally to your car
    • Dominicans leave their shopping cars abandoned before the waiting queue. Someone comes and picks it up to bring it back to the station
  • Gas stations
    • Petrol attendant helps you filling in gas
    • He checks also oil, cleans your window, etc.
    • You can pay with your CC without leaving the car

Whether you need simple convenience food, canisters of water, medicine, fast food or housewares. You can have them all delivered to your house. No matter in which floor you live – the delivery boy will come and deliver.

Another example: The only customer at the counter is served by 7 (!) employees of the ice cream shop. Could be seen as a management failure to hire this high amount of people in the service sector. But this (over-)supply of services is customer friendly.

Unfortunately, this good supply of products via delivery services has participated in true chaos in the city. At the same time, this is the biggest reason to leave Santo Domingo. Wanna know more? Click the link below and find out more!


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