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What for some appears as normal, can perceive others are very unusual. On the other way around, it could be seen as very odd what others accepted in their lives as ordinary. Culture is a very interesting concept if you regard it from both perspectives. Like a Gringo in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, you might cherish all the beautiful buildings and ancient European spirit that this area embodies. The same Gringo might, on the other hand, be a little flabbergasted and surprised how Dominicans live their daily life in a normal way and what they do.

I perceive myself as a very open-minded, tolerant and curious character. Not only because I lived in several other countries in Latin America and encountered many thrilling cultures I had to integrate myself. But even for me, it seemed very often suspicious and peculiar what Dominicans were doing. And especially WHY they were doing what they do.

This article is dedicated to all the random but odd encounters in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. Dominicans will probably be bored and stop reading because for them it’s nothing new or special I am writing about. But everyone else will be probably well entertained because of the weird but authentic stories I will share.

To tease you a little bit: You will learn and understand…

  • why Michael Jackson was actually the ‘King of Bread’ and not the ‘King of Pop’
  • how the Dominican laziness the worldwide climate change affects
  • that not all souvenirs from the Dominican Republic are a lovely decoration for your cabinet
  • …and many more!

The biggest question for you might be after reading this article:

Are Dominicans different or are you?

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