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Montaña Redonda is one of the most sold excursions in the Dominican Republic. With about 1.5 hours distance and a close proximity to Punta Cana, many full tourist buses arrive there and transport a lot of visitors to the top of the mountain.


The name describes nothing more than a ’round mountain’. And it’s true! From there, you have a stunning 360° view to the adjacent valleys and can enjoy nature at it’s best. Thanks to the perfect sights, there are some funny and beautiful motives for photographers possible:

Definitely worth a visit, huh!? I thought the same and wanted to do the same excursion. But of course on my own initiative and not as part of an overpriced tourist bus from Punta Cana.

I visited this place on the same day directly after my trip to Laguna Redonda:

First thing to say is, that you definitely need a SUV or Jeep. Something really powerful, because the way to the top of the mountain is in extreme bad condition and very narrow.

Montaña Redonda en la República Dominicana
This was after passing the entrance. And the surface got much worse than that!

The admission is with 200 Peso (4 USD) quite cheap. Guided tours from Punta Cana start at Trip Advisor from 70 USD. Wow!

I would recommend to go of course off-season (MAR – DEC) and avoid if possible the high season (JAN + FEB and Easter/Christmas holidays). You’ll have definitely a better experience alone without a ton of strangers. next to that, also the way is a bit safer. If a car or bus is coming down while you plan to drive up or vice versa, it can be extremely challenging to pass each other. Highly advanced driving skills are more than necessary and welcome!

Bad weather conditions at Montaña Redonda

During climbing up the round mountain with the jeep, the weather conditions got really bad. It started to rain and dense cloud band came from the Atlantic side to the island. Unfortunately, my experiences were a little bit different, when I arrived on top of the mountain:

Montaña Redonda en la República Dominicana
We parked not at the parking space, but directly on top of the mountain. At least no one complained about that 🙂

Well…As you can see, there wasn’t any 360° view possible. I had literally a 0° view, because the clouds were all over the place. No idea, where the meteorological difference between a cloud and fog is. But it felt, that I had both of it.

Montaña Redonda en la República Dominicana
I’m pretty sure, that it’s actually a nice place, ignoring the weather conditions.

The only shelter a visitor can find on top of the mountain is a little shack in the middle of the plateau.

Enjoying the beauty of Montaña Redonda en la República Dominicana
No real shelter possible: The only shack on top of the mountain has, of course, no walls. Rain and wind entered from all sites and made me wet anyways.

It didn’t really matter anymore to look for cover or not. At the end, I was completely soaked of water anyway.

Let’s make the best out of Montaña Redonda!

So why not making the best of it and at least pretending having a good time? 🙂

Easier said than done, but I tried to have the same amount of fun and happiness as people during a clear day. For example with…

The hammock at Montaña Redonda

The broom at Montaña Redonda

The swing at Montaña Redonda

Montaña Redonda is a beautiful tourism destination, I suppose…?!

Needless to say, that you barely can make the way back, because you don’t like it there anymore. So my girlfriend and me waited for two hours, hoping for a better view. And we got ALMOST rewarded for that patience. The sky brightened up for a little bit and offered a little view through the dense cloudscape…

…but that was nothing more than just 5 short minutes. Well, at least we tried it! I think, that Montaña Redonda can be a really beautiful tourism destination with a little bit of luck!

It was definitely an adventure to get up. But in the late afternoon and with the bad vision, rain and muddy surface it was a challenge to get down as well. I’m very glad, that nothing bad happened during the way down and that we arrived safe and secure. But there is one announcement I want to bring up to Montaña Redonda:

Be sure, that I will visit you again!