Is high priced Peruvian gourmet food really worth it?

You can eat even in the expensive Peruvian capital of Lima relatively cheap and you will still receive a good quantity and sufficient quality. That’s the case for every middle-class restaurant and especially every low-class diner. You get what you pay for. So what about dining at the upper class restaurants? Is it really worth to try high priced Peruvian food? Does a man like me with a quadruple stomach like a cow gets satisfied with a small gourmet portions? I made the self-experiment in the Barranco Bay area and had a charming companion.

Huajsapata: Un trago caliente endemico de Puno

Es raro encontrar bebidas locales en tiempos de distribución a nivel nacional. ¿Estás contento de volver a ver un cartel de Coca Cola, Heineken o Red Bull? Yo tampoco, por eso preferí Huajsapata, una bebida endémica de Puno. ¡No lo encontrarás en ningún otro lugar del mundo!